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  • Community Classes in Uphill
    Community Pilates classes are large group classes held on Monday and Friday Mornings in the large hall in Uphill Village
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  • Exclusive Pilates classes
    The exclusive classes are held on Tuesday morning and evening in the smaller hall, at Uphill Victory Hall. Maximum of 6 in a class, guaranteeing more individual attention
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  • One to One Classes
    We are able to provide private sessions for 1 or 2 people in Emma’s home studio in Uphill. These sessions give you the opportunity to have a class that is specifically tailored for you and your physical needs and goals
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  • Dancing Pilates
    Friday at 10.30am A Class that combines the health benefits of Pilates with the fun of dance.
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What is Pilates?

Pilates uses calm flowing controlled movements to focus in on strengthening the deep core muscles of the back, abdominal and pelvic floor areas. Creating greater core strength, increasing flexibility, improving posture and balance and focusing the mind.

Who will it benefit?

Pilates is particularly beneficial to people with back soreness, recovering from injury, pelvic floor weakness, as well as people that want to strengthen their core muscles, improve posture or reduce stress levels.

The principals of Pilates

The five principles of Pilates:
• coordination
• flow
• breath
• core strength
• balance

Are incorporated throughout the class, through smooth controlled flowing movements which are coordinated with the breath and focus on using the core muscles to stabilise the body.